by Kids Having Kids

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released August 27, 2015

Recorded, engineered & mastered by Matt Gibbs
Bass on all tracks by Matt Gibbs



all rights reserved


Kids Having Kids Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Flock
Give up
Release control
Nuke your mind
Leech your soul

Flock to me
Enter the
Track Name: Consume
Take your life grind it up
Take my knife stab me up
Just pour some smoke on the wound
Top me off I'm leaving soon

Consume til we're fucking dead
The hunger weighs like molten lead
Psycho needs breed sane relief
The mind draws from the fucking sheath
Track Name: Taken More / Given Less
Taken more
Given less
Nothing left
Can't replace
Watch it die
Funeral blame
I found hate
You found shame
The words have cut your throat

You found shame
Lost all the same

I can't find myself in all this hate
Track Name: Tropism
I hope you find the will to breath
A pointless life no will to be
Buzzing world drowning out grasping for the light
Cross my mind stoned sometime
Dreaming world of plight

Something must die
For the world to be satisfied
Track Name: Kill The Shepard
Find comfort in knowing we'll never be the same
You gave up on your life and wonder who's to blame
Your archaic need to follow footsteps into the mud
Join the sheep in the pen like you know you should

Kill the shepard
Burn the herd
Pray for your god
They can't hear me, clearly
Track Name: Sick With Hate
You of the faint of heart
A brutal end to your worthless start
A mind worth shit ripped apart
Cannot leave you won't get far

Sick with hate
No escape
Nothing beautiful
Life is futile
Track Name: Captain Planet
A rotten root
In the driest ground
Leave me hanging upside down
Plant yourself and wet the ground
As blood flows from the crown
What's dead is dead
What's lost is found