by Kids Having Kids

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released April 8, 2016

Recorded and engineered by Travis Bacon at The Broken Box.
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.



all rights reserved


Kids Having Kids Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Unmake The Maker
Sacrifice at the foot of the mountain
I piss upriver from your fountain of youth
Yours truly, a creator of strife
I've unmade your maker
To nurture the nature of hate

No forgiveness left
No mercy to spare
No room left in my world
It's too full for me to care

No trust
No forgiveness
No luck
No love
Track Name: Nailmouth
Your belief less real than god
A flimsy thought based on fraud
When you're drowning
I'll be there to throw you a cinderblock
I'll take you to the cliff I'll make you fucking walk

This mind
A burning building with locked doors
Give them a little they always want more

Now you fucking know what it is to be alone
Your world is screaming "love me"
All you hear me say is "No"

Fucking die
Track Name: Easy Life
I don't care if you leave this earth
More room for me
You're only in the way
Give me more, let's feed

I won't feel again
From life to hell it begins
Try to care let's pretend
This ship, no sails, no keel
I sink deeper by the day
You can't make me feel

Because every time I do it goes awry
Forcing pain into my life

It's so much easier to live
With nothing left to give
It's so much easier to live
But is it really worth it?
Track Name: No Sympathy
Forced smile, forced breath
No excitement in life, and none in death
Resigned to be a worthless being
Fuck your fate it's not for me
Jealousy and no resolve I've been here once before
The end of all sympathy, your face into the floor

Move beyond this worthless world
I've made myself an empty being
One foot in the grave
All change stays the same
Track Name: Become Humans Instead of Flies
The skies cloud over and the rivers run with piss
Welcome to a world where you never make the list
Keep your life packed in a clenching fist
They left you behind they'll bleed you dry

Fuck them they could literally be anyone
I'd rather feed my mouth with a fucking shotgun

You thought you were right all along but I stand alone
In pure fucking hatred
You thought you were right all along but I stand alone
No one can resolve you

I'm at my end
Light the match just give me lead
If there's nothing more to have
You waste your life
Just pray for death
Track Name: Big Beat Manifesto
A fistful of indifference
Never bent a knife
The road turned before me
Predetermined strife
Tear away my skin
Split my skull in two
Take away my bones
Leave no body for you
This burden no more

Every fucking morning I'm the worst I've been
From this endless rope I swing that you extend

I will not be lead by a lesser being
Take a look in your eyes
I can see what you're seeing
A big house and a beautiful wife
But no one by your side
When you finally die

I will not be lead
By those living a lie